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CASINO in Japan

Japan is one of the most expensive places for a man to visit and due to the successful economics of Japan and the lack of soil for industry, agricultural and residential use the prices in Japan are unbelievably high. A single trip to a casino in Japan might cost, even to Japanese, hundreds of dollars and that's why Japanese online casinos are a reasonable alternative for both tourists and Japan's citizens as well. There are sites where you can find reviews over Japanese traditional gambling games, Japanese Best Online Casinos and land based as well.

Japanese online casino is the only internet site about the gambling industry in Japan   also a site dedicated for the legacy of gambling both in Japan and in the internet, though we do not have the pretension to state that you would find all the information possible about Japanese gambling and casinos, but we're doing our best to present as much as we can manage. If you find anything lacking in feel free to contact us at any point by email. We are always to get in touch with our readers.

The online betting gambling portal present recent reviews for the top rated gambling casinos with the latest offers and highest welcome casino bonuses and it's worth checking with other related content that you might find interesting.

The poker industry is awaiting a new disciplinary to be declared, along this site we discover the ephemeron of Online Poker Games on the internet. This aspect is relatively new to most poker players. Many gamblers that would trip to Japan would find it impossible to find a casino in Japan and in fact there is none, at least legal. Though Japanese just love to gamble it seems that in the near future regular Japanese casinos wouldn't be possible to find less you want to gamble illegally. The most accessible and affordable alternative is playing at Japanese online casinos. In fact the Japanese online gaming industry had tripled its size in 2004-2005.

Though there are voices in Japan calling for the legalization of casinos on Japan there is a strong anti-gambling movement in Japan that blocks such ideas to be transferred to the government for a real discussion. But Prime Minister Koizumi is eager to make casinos a real possibility during 2005/6 in order to harvest more taxes, but as for now no one can tell if his wishes for the legalization of Japanese casinos would come true.

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